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Dream Rides Booking Process

Welcome to the Dream Rides Team! To ensure your booking process runs smoothly, here’s a brief overview of what to expect. Please take a moment to carefully read the following information and refer back to it as needed.

Step 1: Log in to your account and select ‘Booking Management’.

Step 2: To view your new enquiry, simply select the “Awaiting Approval” tab from the heading and select the new booking

Step 3: Review and respond to the new booking enquiry

Remember to:

Thoroughly examine the details of the new enquiry. If you need further information before approving the booking, use the conversation feature to communicate directly with the customer. You will be provided the customers contact details after payment is made, so please just use the conversation feature at this point.

Note: Keep in mind that once you approve a booking, the passenger will receive a notification that you have accepted the booking, and will be prompted to pay. If payment is received, the ride will be locked in and secured.

Need to add a fee?

Sticking to your advertised rate is best for turning enquiries into confirmed bookings, but we understand that sometimes there will be additional travel time that will lead to an additional fee needing to be charged.

1. Determine if an additional fee is required

2. Add a fee note explaining the reason for the fee (Be sure to explain the reason for the added fee to the customer under fee note)

3. Save fee – this will update the price

4. Approve your ride – this will notify the passenger and give them the option to pay for the booking and secure their ride.

After receiving the approval email advising of the price, customers have the option to:

  • proceed with payment (pay) or
  • cancel their enquiry.  

If they’re still uncertain, they have a 7-day window to make the payment before the booking enquiry date is released (expires)

Our process will include following up with the customer within the next 7 days to endeavour to secure payment and finalise the ride for you.

Stay in the Loop with Our Latest SMS Feature and Updated Email Notifications!

With our latest SMS feature and updated email notifications, you’ll never miss a beat with real-time updates on your ride’s payment status. Whether it’s paid and confirmed, cancelled, or expired

How will I know if a ride has been paid & confirmed?

It’s easy, you will receive an SMS and email notifying you that the booking is paid & confirmed.  You can access the details of the booking from the email we send you as per below or log back into your account to view the booking.

Once your booking is ‘paid & confirmed’ it is essential to make contact:

  • Reach out to your customer and introduce yourself
  • Verify the information mutually agreed upon in the booking enquiry details
  • Confirm the agreed-upon booking time frame and locations with the customer.
  • If you have any concerns about the possibility of the booking time frame being exceeded, kindly inform the customer about the potential for additional charges and explain your own personal method for collecting this fee.