A Guide to Planning the Cars for your Dream Wedding Day | Dream Rides

Planning Your Wedding Day

Congratulations on your engagement! Getting married can be one of the most important things you will have the pleasure of planning. Your wedding day is the day where you’re the star of your own show, and you want to make sure your entry to your wedding day is memorable and carries your personal style. But sometimes the planning gets stressful. To help you navigate the process of hiring the right wedding vehicle, we have created a road map to ensure your dream entrance becomes a reality. So here goes….

1. Select Vehicles That Carry Your Unique Style

No two weddings are the same and they shouldn’t be. From the wedding venue and reception to the bridal party and smaller details, your wedding is a reflection of who you are as a couple.  It symbolises the start of your journey together and what better way to start that journey than to arrive in style.

Your arrival at your wedding is an expression of your unique style. You can find your style and explore which vehicle represents you best. Here are some of the most popular vintage style wedding vehicles you can find at weddings in Australia:

  • Classic Cars in Australia are fast becoming the choice for a unique wedding arrival.  Holden’s, Fords and anything that is Old Skool Cool or Muscle looks amazing in wedding photographs and is highly desired.
  • Kombi Vans are the poster girls of Instagram and sort regularly for weddings not only for their relaxed cool vibe but also for their ability to transport larger wedding parties.  Bridal parties love that they can transport up to 7 passengers comfortably. The humble Kombi Van represents fun and freedom for your wedding day.
  • Luxury and Sports Cars are also popular. These handsome cars are powerful, elegant and packed with prestige.  It’s all about comfort and style with these babies.

From kombis to muscle, sports, classic and luxury, perhaps a little old skool cool? The dream is yours so why not the ride too? If you are still looking for inspo for the perfect wedding ride, check out Dream Rides’ vintage car options in your region now. The direct booking system makes it easy for you to explore different car options and pick the most suitable one for your wedding day.

2. Sort Out the Logistics for the Wedding Day

How many cars will you need? This is an important consideration.  Will you need cars for both sides of the bridal party? Mother of the bride? Father of the bride? How many seats does your chosen vehicle have?

  • Consider pick up and drop off locations 
  • Initial pick up location prior to the wedding ceremony.
  • Alternate location for photos
  • Additional drop off at the designated wedding reception venue.
  • Final drop off Mr and Mrs to their hotel for the night. 
  • Consider your time wisely

Writing a schedule for your big day that incorporates time frames for each aspect of your wedding is invaluable.  Use these details from ceremony to photos and reception to guide your planning.

3. Take Awesome Photos with Your Beautiful Cars

It’s all about creating wonderful memories, what better way to do this than to incorporate your dream ride into your wedding photos.  After all, it symbolises you’re the start of your journey together.

4. Final Tips

We really hope all of your wedding plans will come together smoothly. Just before you go on working out other parts of your wedding, here are some final tips to think about when selecting the perfect vehicle for that day.

How much does it cost to book a Dream Ride for a wedding?

    • The prices will vary depending on demand and availability and be set at an hourly rate.
    • Some drivers will set a minimum time period for their services.
    • In most cases, 3-4 hours will be a reasonable time frame for booking a car for a wedding. Consideration will need to be made for the arrival at the wedding, photographs post-wedding and then journey to the reception.

How far in advance shall I book?

    • It is recommended that you book your car as soon as possible, remember these vehicles are rare and unique, put simply, they don’t make them anymore!  Book early to avoid disappointment.

See our FAQ for more tips that help you understand the Dream Rides vintage car hiring process better.