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Frequently asked questions

Becoming a driver is an excellent way to earn great money sharing your passion for your vehicle with others who will really appreciate it! The process is simple, you can use the service as little or as much as your like. It is completely FREE to advertise your car on the website and you only pay a small booking fee if your car is booked.

It’s simple, you just need to complete your details in the Become a Driver section of our website on the top left side of page. Include some photos, a description of your car and some further details that will enhance your listing and get you more rides. You will also need to provide us with the documentation required to be a licenced ride share driver including a licence to drive passengers in your state, an ABN and your GST registration details.

Dream Rides is committed to being Australia’s largest and most trusted Vintage and Unique Car Ride Share company.  To become a driver with Dream Rides you are required to provide the following:

  • Driver’s license
  • Car registration details
  • ABN and GST

In addition to this you will need to abide by the licensing requirements of the state you reside in.  Each state has their own accreditation processes which will ensure drivers meet the safety standards necessary to operate in the industry.

Please select the state you reside in to find out more information to support you in this process.  Calling into your local transport authority is a simple way of ensuring you have all the forms and documentation you need.

New South Wales



Dream Rides is an accredited Booking Service Provider with the following State Authorities

It is FREE to list your vehicle with Dream Rides. Drivers are only charged a booking fee once they accept a booking, and that booking is paid for by the passenger. On accepting a booking, a 10% booking fee will be deducted from the total booking cost that the user has paid. Drivers receive their payment within 48 hours of completing the drive.

Drivers will receive email notification of any booking requests from passengers alerting them to log into their driver dashboard. By logging into the driver account, you can review and respond to any booking requests.

Approving a booking request informs the passenger that you as a driver are willing to complete the booking. If the passenger wants to secure the ride, they will be required to make prompt payment via the website in full.

Sometimes potential passengers are in the early phases of planning, all passengers will receive reminders once their booking has been approved. If a passenger does not wish to go ahead with a booking, the booking will time out after a week. The passenger will receive a couple of reminders before the booking is cancelled.

Yes, every booking you receive as a driver on the Dream Rides website, is an inquiry. As a driver you can view each booking request and respond accordingly.

Drivers can connect with passenger via the messaging system on the site if needed to ask questions or seek clarification before approving a ride.

Drivers will receive notification that a payment has been successful and that the booking is confirmed. All contact details for the passenger will be included on this notification so you as a driver can reach out to your passenger and make any final preparations.

Yes! Once you have created your driver account, adding additional vehicles is easy.

Creating the most appealing profile of yourself and your vehicle gives you the best chance to maximise your bookings.  While pictures of your dream ride may tell a thousand words, potential users still like more information.

Here is a list of things to remember when completing your profile.