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Driving your vintage or unique car for Dream Rides can be a fantastic way to earn some serious cash, with some drivers earning up to $40k+ a year. Whether it's a classic convertible, a vintage muscle car, or a custom-built masterpiece, these cars can command premium rates for special events and photoshoots. By joining Dream Rides, you not only get to showcase your beloved car but also tap into a lucrative market, turning your passion for unique cars into a profitable venture.



Easy and FREE to join, you can list as many vehicles as you like. Signup for your account here



Create a professional driver profile and car listings to gain instant access to our branding and extensive customer enquiry.



You can accept or decline any enquiry offered to you. We only take a 20% commission when you complete a booking through the platform. Enjoy taking bookings with our easy to use platform from anywhere, any time.

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Turn your cool car into a money-making machine by becoming a driver with Dream Rides. Capitalise on your vehicle’s unique appeal and earn great money while sharing the joy of extraordinary rides. With Dream Rides, you’ll transform your passion for cars into a lucrative opportunity, driving on your own terms and maximising your earning potential. Join us and let your car’s wow factor work for you!

To become a driver with Dream Rides, simply create a free driver account Next you’ll create your vehicle listing, uploading some photos and a description of your car to enhance your listing.

You’ll also need to obtain the relevant documentation to ensure you meet your state’s driver requirements. Dream Rides is dedicated to being Australia’s leading vintage and unique car ride-share company.

Dream Rides is an accredited Booking Service Provider with the relevant State Authorities.

Listing your vehicle with Dream Rides is completely FREE, so you can showcase your car without any upfront costs. Drivers only incur a fee when they are earning money—once you accept a booking and the passenger has paid, a 20% booking fee is deducted from the total booking cost. You’ll receive your payment within 24 hours of completing the ride, ensuring you get your earnings quickly and easily.

When you receive a booking enquiry from a passenger, you’ll be notified via email and SMS to log into your driver dashboard. Once logged in, you can review and respond to any pending booking enquiries.

Each booking enquiry you receive is just that—an enquiry. You can view and respond to each one accordingly. If needed, you can use the site’s messaging system to ask questions or seek clarification before approving a ride. Responding to booking enquiries quickly is beneficial, as it increases your chances of securing the booking. If you don’t wish to complete a particular enquiry, you also have the option to cancel it.

Approving a booking enquiry informs the passenger that you are willing to complete the ride. If the passenger wants to secure the booking, they will need to promptly make full payment via the website. For instances where an additional fee is necessary, you can easily charge extra travel costs using the ‘add fee’ feature, and you can also note why this fee has been added.

One of the key benefits for drivers is that Dream Rides handles all follow-up and ensures that customers have the opportunity to secure their rides within the specified timeframe (7 days). This takes the hard work off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on providing exceptional experiences.

Once a payment is successful, you’ll be notified that the booking is paid and confirmed. This notification will include all contact details for the passenger so you can make any final preparations.

Absolutely! At Dream Rides, you can add as many vehicles as you like to your driver account, and it’s completely free. Once you’ve created your account, simply add your additional vehicles, and they will all be linked to your account. This means customers can book more than one vehicle through you for their special day, offering them a seamless and convenient experience. It’s a fantastic deal that allows you to showcase all your vehicles and maximise your earning potential effortlessly.

Experience the convenience of Dream Rides as we handle all aspects of payment collection, making it effortless for drivers. After completing a drive, your payment will be processed within 24 hours. We manage the entire process, including collecting payments from passengers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you. Payments are facilitated through PayPal, so having a PayPal account is necessary. If you don’t have one yet, creating an account is quick and easy, guaranteeing you receive your payment swiftly. Click this link to create your PayPal account now and enjoy the seamless payment process with Dream Rides.