Making money with a 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible | Dream Rides
Making money with a 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

Making money with a 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

If you own a 1970 Ford Mustang convertible you can make money by making it available for chauffeur driven hire on the Dream Rides where people can hire it for a photo shoot, wedding, school formal or other special occasion.

Paul owns this dark blue 1970 Ford Mustang convertible and for most of the year the car is stored securely in his garage. He wanted to make some extra money to supplement his existing income and discovered it was possible by using the classic car hire website Dream Rides. It is absolutely free to list a Ford Mustang convertible or any other cool car on the website and people can see when it is available, how much it costs to hire and what dates are available.

It means that Paul can choose when to use his classic Ford Mustang as a vehicle that can be hired to make extra money. The best part is, nobody else drives the vehicle but the owner, so you not only get to enjoy driving your vehicle to an event or a special location, but you earn money while doing it.

Using a classic Ford Mustang to make money

The Dream Rides website is an authorised booking platform that enables people to browse different classic, luxury, muscle, limousine or super cars for hire in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and other locations. In this example Paul was able to list & promote his dark blue 1970 Ford Mustang convertible for hire on the Sunshine Coast to make it available for photo shoots and weddings.

1970 Ford Mustang Booking Page on Dream Rides

He nicknamed his American muscle car ‘The Pony’ and this vehicle is considered a timeless masterpiece radiating elegance and raw power derived from the 1970’s. Its gleaming exterior, iconic design, and V8 engine make it a popular choice for people who are trying to rent a muscle or classic car in Australia.

Paul’s meticulous maintenance routine ensures that every time this Ford Mustang is hired it is reliable and ready to be used as a wedding car or a prop for an advertising photo shoot instead of just sitting in the garage most of its life.

As the vehicle is used for income producing purposes, depending on your personal financial situation, it also means a portion of the running costs of the vehicle (or even the purchase value) could possibly be claimed as a tax expense (check this out with your accountant!). So on one hand, making this Ford Mustang available for hire on Dream Rides creates a new way of earning an income and at the same time, some of the expenses of owning this type of car including insurance, registration, maintenance or repairs could possibly be claimed as a deduction.

How much money can you make driving your classic car?

In a short eight week period Paul’s Ford Mustang was hired for 8 x individual bookings from 37 different enquiries that he had received from his free car hire listing on the Dream Rides website. In total this came to $5,500 income from renting his classic car in just a few weeks.

Renting out your classic car is the best way to get paid & make money for driving the car you own. The Ford Mustang was used for different rental requests which included these examples;

A wedding car hire in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast – $790;

Matt & Cathy rented this blue Ford Mustang as their wedding car to take them to Stella Maris Church in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast. The driver made $790 from a 3 hour rental booking.

This is what Matt & Cathy said about their wedding car hire experience;

“Absolutely awesome ride, experience and made our wedding day! We couldn’t be any more happy. The owner is an absolute legend. We recommend this Ford Mustang convertible to everyone. Thanks Paul for making our day more enjoyable”

Matt & Cathy

Bride standing with dark blue Ford Mustang wedding car rental

School formal car hire Noosa, Sunshine Coast – $450 inc gst;

Riley and Matthew hired this blue Ford Mustang in Noosa to be driven to their school formal that was being held at Twin Waters Resort

The driver earnt $450 for just 2 hours worth of driving. The boys had always loved old Mustangs and wanted a car that not only looked cool but also made a statement when they rolled up to their school formal event.

“Paul, the Chauffeur for this beautiful original dark blue Mustang we rented, was absolutely superb with our boys, stopping off and taking pictures and chatting to them making their journey experience fantastic and treating them like VIPs at the red carpet entrance of their function. The boys were driven through Hastings St, Noosa on their way to the school formal venue.”

Students in dark blue Ford Mustang rented for a school formal

Rent a Ford Mustang for a 50th birthday party gift idea – $450

Choosing a present for a birthday is always difficult, but Vicky decided to rent this Ford Mustang as a 50th birthday party present. The Mustang was hired so the birthday boy Darrly could be taken for a ride around Noosa and Hastings Street but also have some photos taken as well.

The driver earnt $450 to pick up the couple from Sunshine Beach near Noosa from their Airbnb for his joyride that lasted 2 hours.

We can not rate Paul and his beautiful Mustang highly enough… had the best time cruising around Noosa and surrounds for my husband’s 50th birthday surprise, turning heads everywhere we went! Paul went out of his way to ensure the experience was one we’ll never forget, communication was excellent and the car immaculate. Still smiling and raving about this experience, thanks so much!”

Dark blue Ford Mustang rented for a birthday present gift idea

The Mustang added a touch of classic fun and sophistication to each of these special occasions and as you can see they created some unique photos too.


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What does the owner think about making money with his Ford Mustang?

Paul owner of 1970 dark blue Ford Mustang Covertible

Dream Rides not only provides classic car owners with a great way to make money, but also unforgettable experiences to use the vehicle in different ways;

Paul told us one of his main motivations to drive people in this iconic car was to see the joy it brings. “It’s uplifting to share such huge occasions with people, like weddings or formals. It’s their big day and I get a kick out of being part of it and seeing the pure enjoyment of the experience.”

Paul’s satisfaction as a classic car owner underscores the unique and memorable moments created through Dream Rides. Adding your car to the Dream Rides car hire platform gives every driver a chance to earn extra income that can help pay for the upkeep of the car. Completing drives and earning money for it can help afford the opportunity to keep the car well-maintained and even invest in upgrades to maintain them at a pristine level.

Is it easy to make money by renting your Ford Mustang?

This is an example of how a Ford Mustang owner in Australia can easily make some extra money by using the vehicle in different ways. Paul had a desire to create experiences for people in his 1970 Ford Mustang but also create a simple way to make some extra money doing it.

He discovered Dream Rides while searching the internet for ideas on how to make money with a classic car. He was surprised at how easy it was to list his vehicle on our platform and within eight weeks he already had nearly ten paid bookings. This is a great excuse to get the car out of the garage, be driven more & create a great income stream.

While Paul did consider making his own website to get exposure and rent his car, the costs & time needed didn’t make sense. Paul chose Dream Rides as the most trustworthy platforms he could find that offered him an instant opportunity to market his classic car for free to get hire bookings and make money.

With his meticulous attention to detail and Ford Mustang’s magnetic appeal it has not only resulted in numerous bookings but has created amazing reviews from satisfied customers.

Paul’s story is a compelling example of how easy it is to use the Dream Rides platform to make money with the platform’s distinct ability to transform classic car ownership passion into profit in a way that sets it apart from others in the industry.

1970 Ford Mustang forschool formal chauffeured hire Sunshine Coast    1970 Ford Mustang car hire for wedding on the Sunshine Coast    1970 Ford Mustang car hire for wedding on the Sunshine Coast    school formal car hire in 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible

Rent your Ford Mustang easily via Dream Rides

If you’re a classic car owner like Paul, whose treasured vehicle deserves more than a spot in the garage, Dream Rides offers a unique opportunity to turn classic car ownership into extra money. Making money with a 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible or any other cool car is possible by listing it on the Dream Rides website.

Paul's 1970 dark blue Ford Mustang Convertible

The best part?

It’s absolutely free to advertise your classic car for rent on the Dream Rides platform so you can make money. Dream Rides gives owners of classic cars complete freedom to rent out their car, enabling them to pick and choose the events and jobs they want to commit to.

Owners can stay with their car all day as the chauffeur to ensure the vehicle is treated with the respect it deserves. With so many classic or vintage car lovers in Australia it means any owner can turn their interest and hobby into a profitable pastime. You can earn money to help keep the vehicle in top condition while enjoying taking it on the road and using it more often.

You can showcase your classic car to a wide audience without any upfront costs. A booking fee is only charged when you receive a paid booking through the website, making it a cost-effective and hassle-free way to monetise classic car ownership.

Be inspired by success stories like Paul’s, where joining Dream Rides has not only brought financial rewards but created great driving experiences. By becoming part of this community, your classic car can take centre stage and attract enthusiasts eager to go for a ride in a classic, muscle, luxury or super car.